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TAD PILIC is the first and biggest integrated white meat producer of Gaziantep city, which had achievements in white meat sector with its 35-year experience by its targets. When white meat consumption was little or not in Gaziantep, TAD PILIC was established by ABDULKADIR BOZHUYUK with title TAD HAYVANCILIK URETIM VE PAZARLAMA and it began to operate as a family company in 1997 then it changed its name as TAD PILIC VE FENNI YEM SAN. TIC. LTD. STI.

On Purpose of meeting its goals about quality, after institutionalization, it established its own feed factory; then to serve this quality for our people with suitable prices, it built its own meat production facilities, breeding poultry houses and brood facilities. T made all these investments in Gaziantep City.

Purpose of our company is to endear white meat, which is healthy and economic, to our people whose have developed taste, without compromising meat quality and pleasure. Our basic principle as TAD PILIC is to put human health in the first place. On this context, most important goal of us is to serve healthy, delicious and quality products to you. We are pleasure to share this quality and taste with our esteemed people.