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-Chicken Meat is healthy; With the high rate of unsaturated fat because your heart is friendly.
-White meat, all of your daily protein needs are met.
-Unsaturated fat content in chicken meat vessel height protects our health but also maintain the balance of cholesterol.
-Chicken meat is easy to digest. Life is short, due to people with digestive problems is a recommended source of protein.
-Chicken Meat, practical preparation and is an important food source for economic reasons.
-Chicken meat; B2, B6, B12, along with vitamins and amino acids our body needs, such as iron and zinc, which are also welcomed. In children in our country the problem of iron deficiency and malnutrition, healthy chicken meat can be solved easily.
-Chicken meat; The protein is rich in minerals and vitamins.
-Chicken meat; Red meat contains less fat and calories than.