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- An innards taking off department of our slaughterhouse is run with robot system, so that chickens are cleaned as untouched.
- Detailed cleaning and hygiene works are made in our slaughterhouse every day.
- Our specialist veterinary surgeon of our slaughterhouse trained for meat handling, general hygiene and meat quality under European Union Matching Project and he was certified by Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, General directorate of Protection Control.
- All chickens and chicken parts are handled in our slaughterhouse and these products are prepared for sale in dished cartoon boxes or in baskets for social consumption places.
- “Delicassen products and advanced handled product” department of our slaughterhouse shall be operated in a short time.


- Our breeding facilities are built with modern construction techniques and it is used highest technology in production.
- Our breeding poultries run with automatic nesting system and eggs which will be used for chick production are collected as untouched.
- Chicks which come to our breeding poultries are transferred to breeding egg poultries after twentieth week.
- Entry and exit of our breeding poultries are built under high security measurements at maximum level.



- Our facilities are audited by “Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, General Directorate of Animal Health Protection Control” periodically.
- Daily cleaning and hygiene inspections are made.
- We have chick production capacity as 9,000,000 units per year.
- Contrary to known, our incubation house has been built by domestic engineering and manpower completely. It is the company which made the first domestic investment in Turkey. Our company pay attention to buy domestic machines and equipments without compromising profit or loss and it makes contribution to develop our national technology.



-Our feed factory has 40, 000 sqm open and 6,000 sqm closed area. Annual winged animal feed capacity is 12,000 ton.
- Pellet winged animal feed is manufactured with high technology at our factory.
- Any raw material, entered into our factory is inspected twice by our food engineers and suitable raw materials are purchased.
- As different from other integrated facilities, our factory has a wide range about raw material varieties. Therefore, meet taste of our company is above-board than other companies.
- At each stage of production, it is controlled by our specialist agricultural engineers and food engineers regularly.


- TAD PILIC makes chicken production for meat within its own facilities as different from other integrated facilities.
- Our poultries are used as quality control poultries at the same time so that, it aims a higher quality than poultries, made custom manufacturing.
- Total capacity of our facility is 200,000.